China Lighting news: light power professionals "project" has a long way to go

The "lighting" awesome professional lighting industry development recently, the reporter learned from the Foshan University last year, the Ministry of education to successfully apply the "lighting", as one of the three colleges of undergraduate training, this year for the first time, the opening of apprentices, currently enrolls 35 students. It is reported that Foshan University, the new light and lighting professional, following Fudan University, Tianjin University of Technology, the third domestic colleges and universities to open this professional. Light and lighting is a professional door to bring people a bright edge cross entertainment and daily life of national economy, national defense medical disciplines, in various fields of industrial and agricultural production, scientific research, transportation, health, business office, culture has its special and important position. However, at present, China has targeted the training of lighting technology professionals basic basic blank. In recent years, with the continuous innovation of electric light source technology, China's electric light industry is developing rapidly, the market is expanding, especially the unique advantages with electric light source and lighting industry upstream resources, has become the international manufacturing center of electric light source and lighting industry.

Through thirty years of reform and opening up, light industry product development capabilities change rapidly, many domestic city is city lighting renovation and implementation of lighting projects; greatly improve the living level of residents also encourage residents to launch a large number of home improvement projects, electric light source products demand is huge, these two factors have played a tremendous role in promoting the electric light source and lighting industry. Compared with the early days, the present lighting products technology content has greatly increased, and technological innovation and product development is increasingly becoming the urgent need of enterprises. As China's electric light source and lighting industry has a very broad market prospects, the demand for talent is very urgent. At present, the domestic open electric light source and lighting professional colleges is very small, this kind of enterprise technology management and product development personnel has three main sources: from the scientific research personnel in Colleges and universities, hired to recruit foreign graduates, enterprise independent long-term culture. However, the University hired from paying the cost is relatively high, and the personnel employed by the fate of more casual, it is difficult to steady the service for enterprises; to recruit foreign graduates also have considerable difficulty; as to the production and operation of enterprises as the main goal, the training itself although there are targeted and practical but, it is difficult to comprehensive learning system in Colleges and universities can be achieved, so they are of the light source and lighting professional graduates is an urgent demand. In contrast with the high demand of the talent market, the graduates of the lighting industry are very scarce, and the supply of talents is seriously insufficient. There are few colleges and universities offering electric light sources and lighting specialties in china. The serious shortage of demand for this kind of talent indicates that the graduates of "light source and lighting" major will have a fairly good employment situation for a long time. For this phenomenon, what do you think of the light power professionals "project" go15 on the industry, this is a positive signal for enterprises is a gospel, fully show the light of professionals, the problem has been given due attention; at the same time that professional training still in the experimental stage that can really fit the actual situation of the enterprises, also need to be tested in practice, is a long way to go. First, from the macro point of view, no one will stop. China's lighting industry professionals are uneven, showing the "high school, low" imbalance in the characteristics of the performance of "basic talents and not fine, middle-level personnel fine and not pointed", high-level personnel sharp and not much". If the lack of high-end talent, it is easy to restrict the development of the enterprise itself and the industry. In this respect, the concentration of talents in European countries is relatively high, and they provide us with many experiences and ideas that can be used for reference in talent training. Although the domestic electric light industry high-end talents in short supply, but in recent years, China has also stepped up investment in this regard, and has made gratifying changes and achievements. Because of China's lighting industry started late, so far there is a lack of international brands, the upstream industry is also a lack of competitiveness, for many reasons, but there is a certain relationship with the people, and is still the most important industries, industries and enterprises do not pay enough attention, the market is flooded with speculative short-sighted, mercenary phenomenon, a few outstanding enterprises realized to go to the long-term work must pay great attention to the talents, talents will work in a strategic position. Personnel training is the only way to culture training, adhere to the culture of "come to war, war to win the professional high-tech talent. This shows that the industry is becoming more and more mature, and the talents are becoming more and more intensive, and the demand for talents is becoming stronger and stronger. Two, from the microscopic point of view, at present, China's lighting industry is the most lack of marketing management, manufacturing, media planning, supply quality, design and R & D and so on.

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