Some important work performance of solar street lamps

As we all know, solar energy is a renewable resource, and it is a very environmentally friendly energy source. With the development of technology, people can use this kind of resources in every aspect of their lives. Solar street light is a kind of solar energy resource. It passes through the light plate, absorbs sunlight and stores it in the storage battery. Wait until later in the evening to release it to provide energy for lighting. It does not require cables and other equipment, all accessories are integrated, and can only be controlled. In a great deal, it saves material resources and saves labor.

At the same time, the solar street lamp has a long service life, and the life of LED lamp is 60 times of that of incandescent lamp. At the same time, it also saves electricity very much. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of the ordinary lighting. Therefore, the use of such lighting, to a great extent, can effectively save costs. Solar energy is also a kind of cyclic energy source. It can be said to be inexhaustible. If the device has been in good condition, so the lamp can always use a lot of equipment.

The safety of solar street lamps is particularly high, and traditional lighting requires power generation to provide energy. But these lines are particularly large, and can cause harm to humans if they do. This is a very big risk for maintenance or for pedestrians. But this lighting does not have so many complex equipment, and the electricity is very low, probably at 18 to 24 volts low pressure, even if the body is exposed, it will not cause harm. At the same time, it does not produce noise or radiation. It is a very environmentally friendly energy source.

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