LED competition strategy is especially important in the new era

According to related research data, by 2018, LED lighting penetration rate will reach 80%. The progress of technology determines the rapid growth of LED industry, LED lamp replacement energy-saving lamp is the trend of industrial development, and in support of policy and product prices continued to adjust, LED lamps as Home Furnishing applications has economic effect, the future of the industry will be rapid increase in permeability.

In a variety of positive incentives, the LED industry in recent years has developed rapidly, the influx of various capital crazy, domestic and foreign enterprises continue to invasion. On the one hand, LED lighting has a bright future and vast market space; on the other hand, the lighting industry is fiercely competitive and the business risks and pressures are increasing sharply. In this context, the enterprise's competitive strategy is particularly important.

LED lighting into the critical period, the development of the past two years, the global lighting market began to show no white effect, at the same time by the impact of the rapid decline in the upstream chip technology upgrading and price between LED lighting and traditional lighting products gradually narrowing the gap, downstream of the LED lighting product prices has become an indisputable. At present, the price of LED lighting products is decreasing at about 15%-20% per year, and gradually approaching the price of traditional energy-saving lamps.

Overall, the domestic LED industry after the first several years of development, has made considerable progress in terms of scale, technology, products, but also faces many problems, LED excess capacity, a large number of enterprises, product performance is uneven, the price war intensified. Driven by interior lighting, the LED industry has moved out of the darkness altogether and is about to shine. This is the darkness before the dawn, when the most cruel, the next 2 years will be the most intense period of competition in the industry, the big fish eat the small fish eat slow fish, will be the industry norm, many enterprises will be eliminated, to see who can persist.

Under the blowout state of the lighting industry, the LED lighting industry is becoming more and more lively, and the competition among enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. This has brought great challenges to the survival and development of enterprises. Of course, challenges and opportunities are always present. The current LED industry pattern has not yet formed, giants have not yet produced LED, as long as the enterprises identify their own unique core competitive advantage, by the point to achieve rapid and sustainable development, will have the opportunity among the forefront of the industry, food lighting market big cake.

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