LED street light is expected to open a new round of growth

Modern lighting group after related research, in 2015 and 2016 after the industry depth integration, LED street lighting supply side reform has been relatively adequate. 2017 LED lamp industry, showing a good beginning, chip leader Sanan optoelectronics announced prices boosted the market sector, in a double boost demand and rising costs, market prices is expected to continue, is expected in 2017 industry structural overcapacity will further be improved, small spacing and high technical barriers to display industry will accelerate the growth, industry concentration further improved.

At present, LED street lamps from the upstream point of view, accelerate the upgrading of industry concentration of production capacity, and the formation of higher trade barriers, curb disorderly expansion of production capacity; in the end packaging technology innovation, reduce costs and improve efficiency; new applications in the automotive industry downstream, lighting, small spacing LED lights display and networking and so on under the guidance of vigorous development. Modern lighting group accordingly look forward to, the entire industry chain industry is expected to open a new round of growth.

With the technological innovation and cost decline, LED street lamp downstream application accelerated expansion, lighting has become the largest downstream application market of LED street lamps. Institutions predict that in 2016 the global LED street lighting market will reach 29 billion 600 million U. s.dollars, by 2017 is expected to reach 33 billion 100 million U. s.dollars, the market penetration will exceed 52%. In this context, LED street lamps from a full competition into a stable growth era, the performance of listed companies has also shown a steady growth trend, and its good operating performance by market funds attention.

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