Gaoyou lighting industry has been identified as a provincial characteristic indu

Recently, the fourth batch of characteristic industrial cluster in Jiangsu province Gaoyou city list fabang, lighting industry has been identified as the provincial characteristic industrial cluster. As far as we know, the only characteristic industrial cluster in Yangzhou province is only 1 of the lighting industry in Gaoyou.

Gaoyou city green lighting industry, the existing production of nearly 500 enterprises, the main products include high pole lamp, garden lamp, low lamp, high efficiency energy-saving light source, LED lamp, solar lamp, lamp and other types of scenery complementary green lighting. At present, the cluster has been formed on the downstream products, the next step on the pattern of mutually supporting collaboration, "a Gaoyou gate, the production of various lights" has become a reality; green lighting industry sales amounted to 20 billion yuan, the domestic market share of 40%. At the same time, the cluster has Jiangsu modern lighting, Jiangsu treasure photoelectric, Jiangsu dragon lighting, and a batch of large volume, excellent technology and good reputation of leading enterprises.

Green lighting industry is bigger and stronger, to encourage enterprises to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the city issued the "opinions" on the policy to promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry to accelerate the development of lamps, organize the preparation of the "road lighting industry development planning" of Gaoyou City, and the construction and improvement of public service platform, service center, has built the lighting industry Street Exhibition City, China street network, Jiangsu province road lighting supervision and inspection center, Guo technology Lamps City etc.. In April this year, our city also successfully held the "China road lighting street lighting forum" for the industry to accelerate the development, agglomeration and development to create a new platform for development. Our modern lighting in Jiangsu has also responded positively to the government's call and seriously participated in it.

At present, the city lighting industry to hold all 700 patents, provincial brand 18, more than 20 high-tech products; cluster is also the provincial SME Bureau named one of the key industrial clusters, is Industrial and Commercial Bureau confirmed breeding base as the first batch of industrial cluster brand, is Chinese lighting appliances Association awarded the "China lamp manufacturing base" the honorary title.

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